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Yoga Clothes for women.

Obam Stairlifts provide stairlifts for elderly and disabled people within and around Lincolnshire.

The Hearing Company are the UK's leading suppliers of Hearing Aids

UK Healthcare - Health Cash Plan

Incontinence UK supply incontinence products including TENA Lady

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If you’re looking for a health blog that isn’t afraid to educate and inform on taboo subjects along with more talked about health problems, then take a look at World of Health. This health guide covers news from areas such as medical research, fundraising for health charities, and treatments for complaints such as back problems. There are recipe ideas for a healthier diet, developments in

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Eat right for your skin type


The foods we eat and stresses of modern life can all play havoc with our skin, but you can help to keep your complexion glowing and clear, with a healthy balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Choosing nutritious foods, and selecting healthy vegetable recipes will boost your body from the inside out, leaving you with soft supple skin and a natural radiance.



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Tips not to have a bad hair day


Even the most glamourous among us have a bad hair day now and then. You wake up and your hair has its own ideas about how it wants to look. This can be frustrating as it often happens the one day when you want to look good. But never fear! Here are our top tips for making your hair look great every day of the

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Wavy hairstyles for this season


Gone are the days of iron-straightened hair. Right now it’s all about the wave. Whether in sharp kinks or soft open curls, giving a bit of body to your hair is all the rage at the moment. Luckily, this wavy hairstyles trend can be adapted to suit any style. In this article we pick our four favourites for this season.



1. The

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Guide To Eating Natural Foods

How To Eat Yourself Healthy How Much Do You Know About What You Eat? Food Labelling Can Help, Especially When It Comes To Eating Natural, Fresh, Unprocessed Foods.

You Are What You Eat – a phrase formed around the idea that to be fit and healthy, you need to eat good food. The site suggests the very earliest record of this phrase being used

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Chemo Care Hampers introduces innovative chemotherapy patients hampers

Chemo Care Hampers, an innovative new company, offers chemotherapy patients hampers of products specially selected to help make chemotherapy sessions more bearable, and to help relieve everyday symptoms, as well as to bring a little joy.

Company founder, Katie Garner, created Chemo Care Hampers after regularly attending her mum’s chemotherapy sessions with her. After seeing how draining chemotherapy can be for patients and treating her

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New survey shows 52% of UK smokers are determined to kick the habit


A new UK wide survey of people who smoke has given a snapshot of the current smoking landscape and reveals that over half (52%) are keen to kick the habit.

This comes during World No Tobacco Day which encourages a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe.

Despite many attempting to quit smoking in the past, according to ASH

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weActiv urges Brits to invest in their health as 1 in 5 UK adults unable to run over 100 metres

Running for a bus or the tube might be a daily occurrence for some, however that would still be out of reach according to the British Heart Foundation’s statistics that a fifth of adults say they would struggle to run further than 100 metres. Technological fitness experts, weActiv, are urging the British public to invest in their health while they can do something to change

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Your Food and their introduction to The Fine Art of Dining

Across the nation, Brits are developing a growing appetite for the joys of eating at home. As well as being cost effective, whipping up homemade delicacies also gives foodies a chance to get creative, learn new skills and fashion delicious and healthy meals. The Fine Art of Dining is helping the nation get to know their kitchens with a series of Cooking Master Classes covering

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Getting Your Legs Ready for the Summer

Hello Shorts Goodbye Leg Hair

With summer comes a renewed focus on hair, and not the type of hair that you are likely thinking about: leg hair. Summer time brings out shorts and skirts that means that the hair growth you have been hiding all winter has got to go.

A survey conducted by found that women on average spend about 72 days shaving

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Dr Nick Lowe’s new book helping with acne, spots and blemishes

Dr Nick Lowe’s revolutionary new book helps reader banish their acne, spots and blemishes.

80% of the population have suffered from acne at some stage of their lives. Acne can be a frustrating, embarrassing, disfiguring and often painful condition. But today, thanks to extensive research, it doesn’t have to as leading dermatology experts Dr Nick Lowe and Dr Philippa Lowe prove in their new

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