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If you’re looking for a health blog that isn’t afraid to educate and inform on taboo subjects along with more talked about health problems, then take a look at World of Health. This health guide covers news from areas such as medical research, fundraising for health charities, and treatments for complaints such as back problems. There are recipe ideas for a healthier diet, developments in

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Research Shows How Meditation Could Help With Diabetes

An estimated 285,000,000 people throughout the world suffer from diabetes. The primary cause is considered to be a combination of an ageing population, obesity, poor diet and a lack of exercise. Research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (1) has uncovered a potentially new contributing factor. The research examines the role stress plays in the treatment of diabetes and if meditation can be used

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A Quick Overview of Hair Loss and Treatments

Hair is more useful than you might think. It helps regulate your body temperature and even protects your head from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. But that’s not all- the way your head looks also has an impact on how you perceive yourself. This is one of the principal reasons why hair loss can be traumatic.

Why would someone lose their hair? There are many reasons for

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By 2019 there will be 604 million users of wearable biometric technology

Intelligence (, the leading research and consultancy organisation for the mobile biometric industry, today issued an update to its latest analyst report forecasting that by 2019 there will be 604 million users of wearable biometric technology globally.

According to Goode Intelligence, biometric authentication in Smart Mobile Devices (smartphones, phablets and tablets) has become a common feature. The first wave of integration into flagship mobile models

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Breakthrough ColdZyme Mouth Spray For Preventing Colds


There’s no question that fish is good for us; it’s lower in fat, packed with vitamins and minerals and is also good for the brain (or so our mothers told us) but could it be more than just a healthier choice on the shopping list? According to scientific studies, the answer is yes.

Swedish industry experts have discovered that an enzyme found in deep sea

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LightSleeper, a small device designed to combat insomnia


A lack of sleep can lead to serious medical conditions including obesity, heart disease and diabetes but watching a soothing light circulating on the ceiling, could be the key to helping insomniacs get the shut eye they need.

The NHS hands out over 10 million prescriptions in England for sleeping pills every year and with one in three of us suffering from poor quality slumbers,

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Natal Hypnotherapy and Overcome Morning Sickness the Royal Way

With the recent announcement that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second child and is once again suffering from morning sickness, she will no doubt be turning to her trusted hypnotherapy to help her get through the worst of it.

This therapy is not just for the rich and famous – The Overcome Morning Sickness CD from Natal Hypnotherapy helps pregnant women to

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Dental Cash Plans Explained

Our teeth are for life, so it’s paramount that we do everything we can to keep them in a healthy condition. As you will probably know, the state of your teeth affects your overall health.  But with dental treatment being more expensive than ever, the cost of keeping your teeth healthy can soon mount up. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect your well being.

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Alcohol kills 1 person per hour and sees 1.2 million admitted to hospital each year


Leading substance abuse charity, AlcoHelp, together with medical professionals throughout the UK, are calling on the Government to put in place a series of measures to tackle alcohol misuse once and for all.

Every single year alcohol costs the criminal justice system £11bn; enough to keep more than 260,000 police officers on our streets. Alcohol related liver disease is also rife in the UK –

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The Effect of the Full Moon on Sleep Contradicted By New Findings

Studies by a team at Sahlgrenska Academy have found that people actually sleep 20 minutes less when the moon is full.

According to folklore, the full moon affects human sleep. International researchers are trying to determine whether there is any truth to the belief.

A Swiss research study conducted last year showed that the full moon affects sleep. The findings demonstrated that people

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Nutritionist Ilona Wesle explains the pros and cons of juicing

With UK kitchenware giant Lakeland reporting a 4000% hike in juicer sales last year, there’s no denying the juicing trend has well and truly landed and become part of the cultural zeitgeist.

But is juicing actually more beneficial than simply upping your daily intake of fruit and veg?

It’s true that processing fruit and veg by juicing it before it hits the stomach gives the

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