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Yoga Clothes for women.

Obam Stairlifts provide stairlifts for elderly and disabled people within and around Lincolnshire.

The Hearing Company are the UK's leading suppliers of Hearing Aids

UK Healthcare - Health Cash Plan

Incontinence UK supply incontinence products including TENA Lady

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If you’re looking for a health blog that isn’t afraid to educate and inform on taboo subjects along with more talked about health problems, then take a look at World of Health. This health guide covers news from areas such as medical research, fundraising for health charities, and treatments for complaints such as back problems. There are recipe ideas for a healthier diet, developments in

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World of Health – Eat raw and more on a budget

Health-conscious diets can often seem intimidatingly expensive, especially when it comes to cutting out specific foods, such as refined sugar, and replacing them with costly, albeit healthier, alternatives. Next to a standard bag of white sugar, a bottle of agave nectar can look like it’s going to hit your wallet pretty hard! But when you’ve started asking yourself “Just what is cholesterol?” or “What is

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Creating an anti-ageing skincare plan: What you need to Know

While eye serums, wrinkle creams and other anti-ageing skin care products can help to diminish obvious signs of ageing, an effective anti-aging skincare plan is essential if ones goal is to have healthy skin that glows with age.

Retaining firmness, reducing fine lines, ensuring brighter skin and avoiding the leathery look, the power of implementing healthy skin care habits should not be overlooked in anyway.

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New Research Shows UK Ignorant About Intolerances

New research out today, and in time for Coeliac Awareness Week, has revealed we’re still a nation that’s ignorant about intolerances despite over 1 in 5 of the UK thought to have a food allergy or intolerance.

The research, by Udi’s Gluten Free, has revealed that more than one in ten (11%) have now switched to a gluten-free diet. Indeed 29% of those aged 18-24

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Gluten Free Products Coeliac Awareness Week 11-17th May 2015

Udi's Gluten Free Tiger Bloomer Bread

Rounding up the best products on the market to bring the normalisation and joy back into eating.

This year, Coeliac UK is raising awareness for the 1 in 100 people diagnosed with coeliac disease and the suspected 500,000 undiagnosed sufferers across the UK. With 10% households now affected by gluten intolerances. It’s more important than ever to know the ins and outs of the condition

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How Vedic Meditation Changed My Unhealthy Attitude To Work

I wish the link between my intuition and brain was stronger. For years I’d wanted to start my own business but the thought had lazily ambled around the back of my mind constantly being suppressed by fear, the thought of hard work and beer. By the time I’d reached my thirties my body was telling me in no uncertain terms that I should stop trying

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Mental health awareness with ‘Walking Out of Darkness’ event


Mental health charity CLASP ( are organising the second ‘Walking out of Darkness’ event on May 16th to bring mental health out of the shadows and into the spotlight right in the heart of London.

The 10 mile walk takes place during Mental Health Awareness Week (11th to 16th May) to inspire people across the country, open minds around mental health and suicide prevention as

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Smooth legs by summer – Medical tips for varicose veins

Summer is coming soon and we all want to look great.  If you are troubled by varicose veins, the time to start working on those legs is now.  Newer medical treatments don’t require a long recovery.  You can get the veins treated, shape up and be ready for summer but you need to start soon.

Walk-in, walk-out options

Varicose veins are those unattractive blue

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Exercise and the Heart

There is a lot of talk these days about improving heart health. Every day people are being told by their doctors to look after their ticker, usually through eating better and getting more exercise.

While a healthy diet can seem like a bit of a bore, especially if it means having to give up some of your favourite treats, exercise can be a fun and

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Road Cycling: A Few Common Safety Errors

Sponsored by PedalSure

Road cycling can be very enjoyable and a good way of keeping fit, as well as making your early morning commute to work a little less pollution-centred. However, it is also important to know that there are other things on the road too, most of them being much bigger and made of more metal than you and your bike.

Therefore it’s good

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Getting back to Normal after Cancer Treatment

Cancer. The world has a funny way of crumbling when you hear it. Whether it is you, a family member, a friend or someone you just know from the office, hearing the word only brings negative connotations.

Many people believe when they hear the “all clear” life will go back to normal, however it can take many years to mentally recover from the disease and

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