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Yoga Clothes for women.

Obam Stairlifts provide stairlifts for elderly and disabled people within and around Lincolnshire.

The Hearing Company are the UK's leading suppliers of Hearing Aids

UK Healthcare - Health Cash Plan

Incontinence UK supply incontinence products including TENA Lady

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If you’re looking for a health blog that isn’t afraid to educate and inform on taboo subjects along with more talked about health problems, then take a look at World of Health. This health guide covers news from areas such as medical research, fundraising for health charities, and treatments for complaints such as back problems. There are recipe ideas for a healthier diet, developments in

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The London Clinic Latest on Pancreatic Cancer

Mr Satya Bhattacharya

As Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, Mr Satya Bhattacharya, Consultant Surgeon and specialist in pancreatic disease at The London Clinic explains about the disease, symptoms, diagnosis and future treatments.

According to the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action, it is the fifth biggest cancer killer in the UK and has the worst survival rate of the 22 most common cancers. Nearly half of people

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Getting the right memorial headstone for your loved one

When a loved one sadly passes away, having a tangible reminder of them that you can visit is a great help during the grieving process and beyond. Memorial headstones are the easiest way to do this and with so many styles available today it is relatively easy to select one that is an epitome of the person who you are placing the stone in remembrance

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What are your Options for a Stairlift?

Your Stairlift Solutions Explained

As the population ages, more and more people are realising that they have mobility issues and are looking at ways to improve movement around their home, the option of installing a stairlift in a home is becoming one that is more and more considered.

It can be difficult at first accepting the fact that you need a stair lift, when not

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Knowing what to look for in a Stair Lift

It can be a difficult period when you realise that the time has come for you to purchase a stair lift for your home. To realise that you no longer have the ability to make it up the stairs on your own, can be quite a daunting prospect, but fortunately there are solutions to make this process easier for you, and more importantly make it

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Ombudsman reveals high level of public service failures


Too many unresolved complaints are being taken to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman which could have been resolved by public services locally, meaning that people are left waiting longer for answers and that much needed service improvements are delayed.

A new Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report published today has revealed the devastating impact that public service failures can have on individuals and how

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Hearing Problems Are Not Just an Issue for the Elderly

Hearing aids are not just for old people

There is a common misconception about hearing aids: that they are only for older people and those who have severe hearing problems. As such, there is unfortunately something of a stigma attached to wearing one of these devices – something which hearing experts are constantly trying to overcome.

The truth is – according

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Air pollution causing 29,000 premature UK deaths


Poor air quality is responsible for 29,000 premature deaths in the UK every year – more than obesity and alcohol combined.

This shocking statistic from Public Health England comes at a time when the UK government is fighting a legal action from the EU over its dismal record on air quality – which is linked to 360,000 premature deaths every year across Europe.

The UK

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Healthy Eating: Why You Shouldn’t Overdo Your ‘Diet’

From weight loss and cancer prevention, to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels – the benefits of diet and exercise are widely recognised and there’s no denying that for people who are overweight, the results can be life-changing. However, not all diets are created equal and it’s important to remember that for the majority of people, the healthiest diet is a balanced diet. That means

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New report on brain tumour patients facing hardship and isolation

Neurosurgeons back call for better understanding and support

THOUSANDS of brain tumour patients in the UK are struggling to cope financially and emotionally in the face of ignorance about the disease, says a report.

Losing Myself; the reality of life with a brain tumour, says many people living with a brain tumour are robbed of their sense of identity, their independence, their ability to

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How to Decrease Stress, and Why You Should Start

It’s not a controversial statement to say that most of us would like to be less stressed. Trying to reduce it, however, can feel like an exercise in futility. Surprisingly, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the level of stress in your life, from planning the day ahead to changing the way you think about food, which has the added benefit

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