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If you’re looking for a health blog that isn’t afraid to educate and inform on taboo subjects along with more talked about health problems, then take a look at World of Health. This health guide covers news from areas such as medical research, fundraising for health charities, and treatments for complaints such as back problems. There are recipe ideas for a healthier diet, developments in

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Exercise and the Heart

There is a lot of talk these days about improving heart health. Every day people are being told by their doctors to look after their ticker, usually through eating better and getting more exercise.

While a healthy diet can seem like a bit of a bore, especially if it means having to give up some of your favourite treats, exercise can be a fun and

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Road Cycling: A Few Common Safety Errors

Sponsored by PedalSure

Road cycling can be very enjoyable and a good way of keeping fit, as well as making your early morning commute to work a little less pollution-centred. However, it is also important to know that there are other things on the road too, most of them being much bigger and made of more metal than you and your bike.

Therefore it’s good

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Getting back to Normal after Cancer Treatment

Cancer. The world has a funny way of crumbling when you hear it. Whether it is you, a family member, a friend or someone you just know from the office, hearing the word only brings negative connotations.

Many people believe when they hear the “all clear” life will go back to normal, however it can take many years to mentally recover from the disease and

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Brain tumour diagnosis waits probe by UK Charity

“SHOCKING” delays to brain tumour diagnoses in the UK will be probed as part of a new drive to tackle the disease.

The study funded by The Brain Tumour Charity aims to discover how long it takes on average for adult brain tumour patients to be diagnosed after they first seek medical advice for their symptoms.

The two-year project is part of the charity’s campaign

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‘Twilight in the Park’ event in support of vasculitis sufferers in the UK

Twilight in the Park

On the evening of Saturday 13 June 2015, Scotland’s only Vasculitis charity, the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation will be holding a 5km Twilight sponsored walk followed by an exclusive outdoor cinema as part of their ‘Twilight in the Park’ event in support of vasculitis sufferers in the UK.

The walk takes place in Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park, Pollokshaws Road from 7:00PM. Walk the route through

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Stress Reliever Headoc Crowfunding with Indiegogo


Say goodbye to migraine medication and over the counter headache cures! A brand new product has launched which can relieve all kinds of headaches, tension, migraines and anxiety – without even seeing a doctor.

Headoc is the innovative handheld device that utilises vibration, red light phototherapy and negative ions to treat pesky headaches, as well as stress and anxiety – and best of all, you

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Avoiding indigestible carbohydrates can reduce symptoms for IBS patients

Lena Böhn

In the thesis at hand, 197 persons with IBS symptoms were asked what they believe is the cause of their symptoms. In all, 84 percent referred to food intolerance – they most often described a hypersensitivity to fatty foods, histamine-releasing foods (shellfish, eggs), foods with preservatives (sour milk, lingon berries) and foods rich in biogenic amines (cheese, wine).

But above all, IBS symptoms were reported

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British Skin Foundation advise check loved ones moles this Valentines


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this year the British Skin Foundation is urging people to check your loved ones moles! Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friend or family – take the time to check for changes in moles.

Things to look for include:

       -Moles that are growing or changing shape       – Moles that are developing new colours  

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Why Home Lifts are Providing a Solution to an Ageing Population

There are 10 million people in the United Kingdom over the age of 65 according to the much recently published Government records and it is estimated this number will nearly double by 2050. This research also highlights the fact that three million people are over the age of 80 – with it projected to increase to eight million in four-and-a-half decades time.

As is widely

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Wild blueberries can diminish the adverse effects of a high-fat diet

Eating bilberries diminishes the adverse effects of a high-fat diet, according to a recent study at the University of Eastern Finland. For the first time, bilberries were shown to have beneficial effects on both blood pressure and nutrition-derived inflammatory responses.

Low-grade inflammation and elevated blood pressure are often associated with obesity-related diseases. The study focused on the health effects of bilberries on mice that were

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