10 million people allergic to their home

A recent survey suggested that over 10 million people in the UK could be allergic to the home they live in. The survey has been conducted by Allergy UK and it involved over 1500 people. It found that nearly 60% of people had an allergic reaction to dust mites and a third were allergic to mould. Nearly half of all respondents said that they had an allergy to household pets.

Other figures that have been released by the NHS suggest that over 12 million people each year are receiving treatment for allergies. Of these, around half are expected to need specialist treatments because their allergies are so severe. It is estimated that around one third of the UK population have some form of allergy and these are caused by many factors in the home.

Many of these allergies occur in the bedroom and it is estimated there are 2 million dust mites in the average home. Allergy UK recommends that people take basic steps to reduce the number of allergens found in the house. Washing your bedding at a temperature of 60°C every week is an important step, as is steam cleaning carpets occasionally, as well as replacing pillows yearly and the mattress on a ten-year basis.