15 year old girls Botox treatment causes a stir

After it was reported that a 15 year old girl is the youngest person in Britain to receive Botox the media was flooded with plenty of comments about if this type of treatment should be allowed at such a young age.

Skincare experts are against using such treatments on young skin given that the purpose of it is to relieve wrinkles in the face, which will only work if they are on the face to begin with.  Most have a policy of not offering Botox to anyone under the age of 25.

Dr. Sean Lanigan stated that Botox is based on the principle of freezing the facial muscles from under the skin which stops wrinkles or lines from forming and given that teenagers do not have these lines the idea of using it on them is irresponsible.

Skin care experts are blaming the new craze on celebrity culture, which has increased the demand for Botox across the board and thus among teenagers who want to be part of the next big craze.

The more young girls see the Hollywood image of perfection experts believe the more tempted they are to achieve the same airbrushed results in real life which has led to peer pressure and a misunderstanding about the real purpose.

Experts also blame the large amount of Botox clinic ads that are now on television, which has led to an increase in the amount of people who receive the treatments at clinics.