A cleaner approach to smoking

Smoking causes a great deal of harm to the body; this is mainly due to the many dangerous chemicals housed inside each cigarette. Cigarettes contain over a dozen carcinogens, all of which have a dangerous effect on the body. Despite most smokers being aware of the dangers, many individuals just don’t have the will power or initiative to quit.

There are a number of cessation methods on the market today. The under-lying principle of all of these aids is to give addicts that required “hit” without applying various harmful chemicals to the individuals’ body.

One of the more recent aids comes in the shape of an E-cig or electric cigarette. Such a device is a mimic of the smoking process, without releasing any hazardous chemicals. A similar mist is produced and some of the devices even boast the same tobacco flavouring.

The concept of the E-cig has in fact been around for decades, but has only recently taken hold in the UK. E-cigs are fast-becoming the go-to quitting aid for the 21st century. Although the E-cig looks and feels the same as that of a standard cigarette, it holds none of the hazardous health implications associated with smoking.

Another benefit lies alongside the social side of smoking and smokers using the E-cig can in fact smoke the device inside. This allows them to stay in the warmth and hub of a busy club as appose to leaving their friends and family to light up outside.

An e-cigarette basically consists of three parts, an atomizer, a cartridge and of course a power supply. The cartridge comes in the form of a mouthpiece that holds the liquid to be vaporised. The atomiser acts as the heating element, which works by vaporising the liquid and the power supply allows each individual function to run smoothly.

Although the nicotine infused vapour appears as smoke, it is in fact vaporised air. Some of the more contemporary designs have replaced this nicotine vapour with various taste-tantalising flavours including vanilla, chocolate, mint and berry. Others quite simply imitate the major smoking brand flavours, such as tobacco.

E-cigs are a great alternative to a real cigarette and act as an aid in order to help the addicted smoker quit in a non-harmful and non-harsh way. The smoker still feels as if they are smoking, passing individuals may not even be able to tell the difference between an E-cig and an actual cigarette. This factor of course makes the budding smoker willing to try this non-evasive tactic.

The electronic cigarettes come in a stylish case, which can be recharged using a USB device.