A guide to Alzheimer’s and memory care

When it comes to Alzheimer’s if you have not ever experienced it you will want to read up on everything you can about the disease before you attempt to help a loved one that is suffering from it because the disease is confusing to say the least.

As it often causes the people who suffer from it to experience moments of lucidity mixed with dementia it can be hard to determine for sure if they are aging or becoming ill. However, reading through a guide about Alzheimer’s and memory care can help you become surer of how to handle what is front of you.

The first thing that you should be aware of is the fact that there are four identifiable stages to Alzheimer’s. If you are just now researching the disease it is likely that your loved one is in the first stage when it has become apparent that their forgetfulness is more than just old age. Oftentimes during this period of time you will notice them become confused or disorientated and may notice that they switch from lucid moments to moments in which they become almost alien to you.

As they progress through the stages of the disease you will notice that a greater period of time passes between their moments of confusion and lucidity until finally they are unable to recognise people and places that they should.

Eventually their emotions may become different and they may seem like an entirely different person to you. During this time it is important that no matter what they say or do it is the disease talking and not them because they are not responsible for what is occurring in their brain and have very little control over their actions.

When they enter the third and fourth stages of the disease you will notice that it will begin to affect their physical well being as well as they become more prone to infections and face problems with voluntary responses such as moving, swallowing, or talking.

While this can be a scary time, it is important to remember that even though they appear to be in pain their body has also shut down when it comes to pain so take this time to reassure them of your love and give them the gift of human touch and your company because even if they cannot recognise you they are capable of identifying with the basic experiences of human life.