A Quick Overview of Hair Loss and Treatments

Hair is more useful than you might think. It helps regulate your body temperature and even protects your head from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. But that’s not all- the way your head looks also has an impact on how you perceive yourself. This is one of the principal reasons why hair loss can be traumatic.

Why would someone lose their hair? There are many reasons for it but without a doubt the main one is genetics. If you are male and you have a history of baldness in your family, there is a 57% chance you will experience male pattern baldness sooner or later.

Trauma can also lead to hair loss. If you have gone through a particularly complicated surgical procedure or lost a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time, you might start to lose your hair. This kind of hair loss may be temporary; once you have fully recovered from the trauma, the hair could begin to grow back.

If you are under high levels of stress or suffer from an anxiety disorder your hair could also start to thin and fall out. In some cases severe anxiety can lead a patient to pull out his or her hair in a violent manner. If this happens, it is important for the person to seek medical attention immediately.

Your environment can also be detrimental to your hair. Exposure to radiation or certain chemicals like silica can be toxic to your follicles. Dry weather and prolonged exposure to extreme heat are also factors that may lead to hair loss. Certain medication and treatment such as chemotherapy can also lead to hair loss.

While hair loss may be traumatic, it is important to keep in my mind that there are a number of treatments for it.

For men, Propecia tablets are one option. They work by reducing the levels of hormones associated with hair loss. It can take up to six months for you to start seeing results, but once this period has passed new, thicker and healthier hair can grow and it is possible to notice an increase in hair count.

Another alternative is Minoxidil. This topical solution increases blood flow and nutrients to the scalp, promoting an ideal environment for hair to re-grow. Results may take a few weeks to become visible but longer and better looking hair is possible with this treatment.

Dealing with hair loss is never easy, but it is important to know that treatment does exist. Visit your general practitioner or consider an online consultation to find out which solution is right for you.