A virtually absent fatal virus is found again in Yorkshire

Along with a lot of other viruses, rats carry hantavirus, too. This special virus is the main reason of haemorrhagic fever in human beings. Though the virus was virtually absent in the UK, a patient has recently been diagnosed with the disease in Yorkshire and it is thought that rats carrying this virus have arrived in the county through the ships coming from Asia.

Doctors have confirmed that at least one man was found carrying this disease in North Yorkshire and he is having kidney problems even after recovering from the disease. Healthcare professionals trapped some rats from his farmhouse and found that they were carrying the disease too.

According to the Health Protection Agency, a thorough and detailed research should be initiated in order to find out how wide the disease has spread throughout the county. Though the disease is not transmittable from one person to another, it could be contracted by respiring in a place having rodent droppings or urine. When hantavirus spread in Yosemite National Park in the USA, several people had died from the disease.

An official from Virology and Pathogenesis Department of the HPA has warned that though a few cases has been confirmed in the country, it is possible that more people are infected in reality and are awaiting proper diagnostic examinations. According to the official, only forty incidents of hantavirus were confirmed in the UK in last thirty years. Most of those were connected to an event in 1992, when the virus was severely out broken in Somerset city.

Though there is no certain indication that the virus is spreading throughout the country, health experts are continuing their efforts to prevent any potential outbreak. They are conducting further investigation of the recent case in order to find out the actual frequency of the disease.