A Wet Room for Function and Style

Although the flood of home improvement shows that seemed to dominate television schedules for most of the last decade now seem to have diminished to a trickle, they have left a lasting influence in the way that most of us view our properties and the potential that lies within.

The series that focused on adding value to your home by way of building and renovation changes mainly used high class design ideas, which were previously the reserve of the wealthy, and simply pointed out how they could be applied to everyday ordinary houses to give any household that extra something special.

Often new styles of kitchen designs were often the centre of attention but bathrooms were also shown to be fertile ground for the application of innovative ideas and techniques.

People with limited mobility or other special needs of a similar nature were mostly already fully aware how sometimes a small modification or a carefully thought out design idea could have an extremely positive influence on day to day life without costing the earth.

Having the need for simple adjustments such as ramps or extra grab bars placed in convenient locations around the house gives a unique view on how discrete additions to the household environment can have a great impact on ease of use and functionality. When it comes to the bathroom this can be particularly important in terms of allowing maximum freedom of movement and self sufficiency for many people.

The two ideas artfully combine in the concept of the ‘wet room’, whereby the basic premise of walk-in showers is taken to the extreme and the whole space becomes a functional unit where no specific ‘dry’ areas are needed. This means that there is the maximum level of flexibility and ease of use for people who might otherwise find managing in a more traditional bathroom environment a little difficult.

A Wet Room is basically level with your floor meaning that there is no shower tray and therefore no lip or ledge that might cause a problem for access for anyone at all, including wheelchair users. Safety considerations are taken further with fully slip resistant flooring ensuring the greatest protection against accidents.

Functional but also decorative, mosaic floor tiling not only makes for a safe and hygienic finish but means that you can chose from a range of styles to suit your decor, and the extras such as grab bars, optional folding seats and glass panelling can all be chosen to your own specifications.

Indeed the whole room is custom built around your own choices and requirements in order to help you enjoy your bathroom in comfort, safety and privacy.

A Wet Room is a perfect stylish and functional solution for anyone wishing to be able to maintain their self sufficiency in one of the most important areas of their lives.