Alcohol kills 1 person per hour and sees 1.2 million admitted to hospital each year

Leading substance abuse charity, AlcoHelp, together with medical professionals throughout the UK, are calling on the Government to put in place a series of measures to tackle alcohol misuse once and for all.

Every single year alcohol costs the criminal justice system £11bn; enough to keep more than 260,000 police officers on our streets. Alcohol related liver disease is also rife in the UK – over the past ten years rates in people under 30 suffering from the condition have increased by 112%.*

Worst of all our children are also at risk; almost 80,000 babies in the UK are living with somebody who has a problem with alcohol, and a fifth of all young callers to Childline are worried about the drinking of a parent.

This Friday, 5th September, AlcoHelp will be supporting the Alcohol Health Alliance’s #21billion campaign, leaning on the Government to:

1. Introduce a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol for all alcohol sales

2. Ensure at least one third of every alcohol product label should be given over to an evidence-based health warning specified by an independent regulatory body

3. Make the sale of alcohol in shops restricted to specific times of the day

4. The tax on every alcohol product should be proportionate to the volume of alcohol it contains, as per the recommendations in the AHA Health First proposals

5. Licensing authorities must be empowered to tackle alcohol-related harm by controlling the total availability of alcohol in their jurisdiction

6. All alcohol advertising and sponsorship should be prohibited

7. An independent body should be established to regulate alcohol promotion, including product and packaging design, in the interests of public health and community safety

8. The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration for drivers should be reduced to 50mg/100ml

9. All health and social care professionals should be trained to routinely provide early identification and brief alcohol advice to their clients

10. People who need support for alcohol problems should be routinely referred to specialist alcohol services for comprehensive assessment and appropriate treatment

A thunderclap encouraging those on social media to contact their MP will take place on Friday 5th September – to get involved or find out more visit

*For a full break-down of all the stats contained within the infographic, please see the Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK prepared by the University of Stirling, Alcohol Health Alliance and British Liver Trust.…