Alli approved by FDA in US for dieting

Diet pills could offer a solution for people who need an extra help when dieting, for they help reduce the sense of hunger while following a diet low in calories together with an efficient exercising programme.

What is still unsure is whether these diet pills are safe. Diet pills may at times be made of herbal substances and natural ingredients, with added diet supplements such as multivitamins, which can provide psychological support when dieting.

However in conjunction with these pills it is essential you follow a balanced diet reducing the calorie intake, as well as an exercise plan.

These diet pills have still to be tested for their effectiveness and safety; these are not prescription drugs and are not subject to FDA approval. ‘Alli’ is the only brand, which has been tested and been proved to actually work for dieting, while ‘Ephedra’ has been connected with side effects.

Many diet pills contain substances such as caffeine, which help alleviate hunger, but there is no guarantee that these pills do not give side effects, for they have not been tested, some people with allergies have complained of troubles caused by these diet pills.

Those pills that promise weight loss without a lower calorie regimen are deceiving, although you may lose weight initially, you will not over the long term. For weight loss to be long lasting you need to follow a diet and exercise regularly, if you do need diet pills take them under medical control and also consider the costs as opposed to the effectiveness.