Alzheimer’s Society informative dementia video

In an effort to spread the word about dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society has released a video about dementia in honour of Dementia Awareness Week that it is encouraging people to share information with their family and friends.  The video is a short clip that lasts a very brief 35 seconds, but in less than a minute the viewers learn the top five facts about dementia and hopefully understand the disease a little bit better by the time they are viewing it.

Given the fact that 61% of people in the Alzheimer’s Society and Saga Homecare commissioned survey reported that they are worried about dementia, it may be useful to take a quick look. Dementia normally affects people that are older in age, with those over 55 prone to be the most worried about developing the disease, but one of the most astounding facts shared in the video is the fact that dementia is not actually a natural part of the aging process.

In fact, the video goes on to explain that it is actually a brain disease and therefore something that can be prevented in some cases. Of course, in other cases early diagnosis is the most important tool in the fight against dementia which most commonly strikes in the form of Alzheimer’s.

Other key facts that are highlighted in the video include the fact that dementia is more than just losing one’s memory, but it is also about losing the ability to complete everyday tasks, think for one’s self, and communicate with others.

Despite this fact, the video highlights another important fact: that you can learn to live with dementia and still lead a full life, which is why the Alzheimer’s Society is asking people to remember that there is more to a person afflicted with dementia than just the dementia and that it is important to remember the person inside.