Alzheimer’s Society wants giving to be fun

In a time when we are all having to tighten our belts and have less disposable income than ever, the charities that rely on our generosity to do the good work that so many have come to depend on are really struggling. Nobody wants to hear of charity’s having to cease to operate due to lack of funding, especially one that does the fantastic work of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Rather than just banging out the kind of adverts asking for money that we see in almost every commercial break, the Alzheimer’s Society are trying to raise money in fun ways that get everyone involved. Their latest short video is aimed at encouraging everyone to take part in their flagship walk this September, and the video gives you loads of useful ideas and information.

A young girl asks us who we are going to be walking with this September, and goes on to tell us that people often walk in memory of loved ones, as well as wanting to do something great. The one thing that every walker has in common is that they all share a goal; to fight dementia. We see scenes from past walks where despite the seriousness of the task they are undertaking, everyone has a smile on their face.

There is a link to where you can register to take part in the walk, which is organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, who are leading the fight against dementia in partnership with Bupa, who believe in the person first and dementia second. This debilitating disease doesn’t care who it strikes, and currently thousands of us are watching our loved ones fade away before our eyes into a shell that can’t be cracked.

Everybody knows someone, or of someone, who is battling dementia, so giving up a few hours of your time to help raise much needed funds to keep these vital charity’s going is priceless.