‘An Engineered Mind’ – National Epilepsy Week 15-21 May 2011 EPILEPSY – THE REAL STORY ,

Telling the raw truth behind the condition, a powerful new autobiography has been published by Just Imagine Books.

You may not know too much about epilepsy but you can be sure that most people have heard of it. However for those 500,000 or about one in 130 nationwide who suffer from it in the UK, it can be a debilitating, life-altering and life-sapping condition that is lived with every hour of every day.

What is the condition known as epilepsy and what is it like to suffer with the condition that can cause seizures and other dangerous side effects making a normal life seem difficult, challenging and sometimes simply impossible.

Be thankful that a new book is being published that has been a long time in coming and desperately needed, one that shares with the public what epilepsy is really all about. A book that tells the truth about the condition but not from an analytical, clinical or observational view but from the perspective of the sufferer, the one that has epilepsy and suffers daily with it.

The book is authored by Alan R. Wright, a lifetime epileptic who struggled for 36 years with the condition, and is titled An Engineered Mind.  It profiles the absorbing, distressing  and often times heart-rending story of how his family and personal life was threatened to be torn apart by epilepsy until once and for all he took dramatic steps to defeat epilepsy.
“This is a story that urgently needed to be told,” says Roark McMaster of the book’s publishers, Just Imagine (UK) Ltd. “Alan’s autobiography is essential reading for anyone who suffers from or who is affected by epilepsy – in fact we think it should be read by all those who want a clearer understanding of how people can face up to – and conquer – their greatest demons.” Alan Wright’s story in ‘An Engineered Mind’ grippingly shares with the reader his growing distress as epilepsy takes an ever stronger and more debilitating hold over him. Fighting the condition every step of the way, every hour of each day, he falls in love, gets married, has a family and attempts to live the rich and fulfilling life that he deserves in the face of a condition that threatens to overwhelm him.

“How Alan resolves the greatest challenge of his life will make this book compulsive and compelling reading for everyone,” comments Roark McMaster. “What’s more, we’re confident that publication of ‘An Engineered Mind’ is going to do a huge amount to promote understanding of epilepsy – as well as tell the story of a truly exceptional and courageous man.” ‘An Engineered Mind’ is published on May 15 to coincide with National Epilepsy Week http://www.epilepsy.org.uk/campaigns/nationalepilepsyweek, which seeks to shed light on the condition through a major UK media-wide awareness campaign.

For more information about ‘An Engineered Mind’ contact Roark McMaster at Just Imagine (UK) Limited, Unit 6C The Wren Centre, Emsworth Hants. PO10 7SU. Tel: 01273 782664; Mob: 07771162180. Or email: info@justimagineltd.com