ATMs have more bugs than toilets

You thought it was healthy to remove cash from the cash machine, but new tests prove the presence of more bacteria than is found in public lavatories. We’re not talking just any old plain vanilla bacteria, but the kind that cause illness, such as diarrhoea.

Samples were taken by experts from the keypads of several ATM’s throughout England, visited by thousands of patrons each day. These same experts lifted samples from lavatories close to these ATM’s. They let them grow overnight, culturing in petri dishes. When they examined them with microscopes, they keyed pseudomonads and bacillus, linked to diarrhoea.

As for the quantity of these bacteria, the ATM’s hosted just as many as the lavatories. BioCote conducted the research tests following a poll which showed the public lavatories are thought by Brits to be the worst risk of public disease.

The same poll showed that more than 3,200 people were afraid that public phones posed the worst risks of disease infections.

Lavatories were certainly regarded the worst health risks I the UK, but ATM’s came in tenth place. Nearly 25% of the people polled thought the public phone was a risk, but only 10% claimed they wiped the buttons and handset prior to using it.