Babies born late could develop more health problems than previously thought

Recent research has suggested that babies who are born later are more likely to develop health problems. The recent study suggested that babies who are born after 42 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to suffer problems such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) earlier in life. Generally medical practitioners tend to induce a birth if the mother has been pregnant for 42 weeks, however some pregnancies do continue to 43 weeks in rare cases.

It is important the women understand the risks of having a pregnancy of this length and recent scientific studies which have been done in Holland have suggested that too many women are choosing not to induce birth when it is really something that is necessary to preserve the health of their child.

A strong correlation was seen in a study of 5000 babies who were born late between their late birth and the development of behavioural problems. The study suggests the babies which are born after 42 weeks are twice as likely to develop ADHD.

The lead researcher on the study has suggested that more information is provided to women so they are aware of the risks to their child of not inducing birth. Health guidelines in the UK state that it is normal for women to be induced into giving birth around the 41st week of pregnancy. They have a choice about whether they want to do this, but health guidelines state that they must be informed of the various risks about not inducing.

Some women do not like the idea of induced birth and believe that the baby should be born naturally when it is ready. There are occasional cases where mothers remain pregnant for 10 months. This is definitely unusual and there is a clear correlation between birth complications and waiting this long.