Back Pain

There are many factors that can cause low back pain. These include excessive riding of two-wheeled vehicles, jerking movements, bad posture and lifting heavy objects.

Some people have a tendency to slouch since it is a comfortable position for relaxing, but such people are more vulnerable to experiencing back pain as a result. Likewise, people who have desk jobs and do not get a great deal of exercise are also prone to this problem.

Slouching is one of the main things that contribute to such pain and because of this; it is a good idea to keep a healthy posture, most especially when sitting down. Exercises can also help to treat low back pain, specifically exercises that stretch the lower back. They are also easy and can be practiced anywhere.

Low back pain is also a cause of excessive flexion thus it is important to make sure that the back is stretched in the right manner and only the correct exercises are practiced. These exercises can help to treat the pain and getting into a more rigid routine of exercise will make it less likely that the back pains will return once you go back to your desk job.

Another popular remedy for back pain is lying down on the front while pulling the chest arm and arching the back by straightening the elbows. During this exercise, hips should be flat on the floor. This exercise gives the back muscles a good stretch and should be done frequently to keep back pain away.

Placing a hot or cold compress on the area of pain can also be an effective method of treating back pains for those less willing to take up exercises. This method helps to relax the muscles and let loose the tension. Cold packs are not as effective but can also be a good relaxant for the muscles. It largely depends on the person’s individual preference whether they use a cold or hot pack.

Massages are also effective in relaxing and stretching the muscles in the area of pain. Finding a trained masseur is a good start and can make the world of difference.

Over-the-counter medicines are often used to get temporary relief from back pain but they are less effective and offer no permanent benefits. If the pain is particularly intense, going to the doctor and seeking a prescription medicine is strongly advisable