Beware of your toothbrush!

There are few companies who carry the reputation regarding dental hygiene as Colgate, and more of us use a Colgate toothbrush that any other. Their 360° range of brushes not only get into every tiny crevice to remove any debris or plaque lurking there, they also effectively remove the germs that hide there when you suffer from a cold etc, and that is the premise for their latest fun and informative video.

Dave is cleaning his teeth before he goes to bed, and once he has finished the brush is put down ready to use in the morning. All is quiet until the camera moves in on his brush.

Four pretty ugly, and pretty sick, nasties come out from their hiding place in the bristles, and complain loudly about how they hate it when Dave has a cold as it makes them sick too, when it should be the other way around.

One then smugly points out that it’s just as well that Dave is too stupid to realise that he should replace his toothbrush every three months, and especially after he has had a cold. A little purple beastie then gleefully points out that Dave is going to get a nasty surprise when he gives him his cold straight back again, and viewers will also be horrified that the re-occurrence of a cold can come from something as innocent as a toothbrush.

Whether you replace your toothbrush every 3 months is up to you, even though the experts have proven that after 3 months of continuous use the bristles start to twist and aren’t able to do their job properly any more. The  fact remains, however, that everyone feels rotten when they are loaded with cold, and if you can stop it coming back by doing something as simple as getting a new toothbrush then it’s madness not to.