BMA wants only doctors with good English to practice

The chairman of the BMA (British Medical Association) suggested that some medics are allowed to work, even if their English is as poor as the average Britons mastery of the Chinese language.

In response, he has called for regulations to be tightened so that the deaths, such as that of, David Gray does not reoccur with another patient.  Gray died after he was not properly treated by a German doctor that was working his very first shift in Britain.

After the death, an inquest showed that the German Doctor, Daniel Ubani, gave the seventy year old man twenty times more than the recommended dose of a drug.

Ubani failed an English test while attempting to obtain a position in Leeds, but was still allowed to practice in a Cambridgeshire NHS hospital.

Dr. Hamish Meldrum opened the Brighton annual BMA conference stating that it is wrong that foreign doctors from the EU are not forced to undergo the same high scrutiny as British medics.

Meldrum stated that Britain does not do enough to check overseas doctors within Europe in order to ascertain that they are competent and able to understand the language properly.

He did remark that throughout the years Britain has benefited from the influx of foreign doctors, but that a case such as what happened to Gray shocked the medical community.

He also stated that it is not acceptable and that GPs are not to blame for opting to not provide out-of-hours care, which has led to foreign doctors traveling to Britain to fill the gaps.

Instead, Meldrum stated that the situation was caused by a mixture of mismanagement and underfunding with too many Primary Care organizations failing to enforce proper regulations.