Bowel cancer patients being denied treatment options according to charity

A recent report has come out of the ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’ charity that has stated that around 1800 patients every year are being refused a choice of treatment for bowel cancer, even though several different treatment option should be available to them.

This study looked at research that was taken from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey, that was recently conducted by the Department of Health, and it found that nearly 20 percent of patients of this type of cancer were not given a choice of different treatments.

The charity have stated that they do not believe that people should only be given one choice of treatment, and that they should have a decision about what path they want to pursue.

The Chief Executive of the charity is Mark Flanagan and he has commented, “This recent information is just another blow to the various troubles that bowel cancer patients have to go through. We are calling on the government to encourage the country’s fine hospitals to offer a choice of different treatments to patients, as they should.

“Every year we found that around 1800 people don’t receive the best treatment available, and what is clear is that the people are suffering from this type of cancer do need to be able to take advantage of the best cancer treatments that are available.”

There are many different treatments that are available for bowel cancer, including diagnostic tests, stoma care, surgery and various drugs. These are drugs that should be made available through the NHS, or by the special Cancer Drugs Fund.

The latter fund was established in order to allow patients access to drugs that doctors thought were appropriate, but were not approved for prescription by Nice because they were too expensive for the NHS to pay for. The Health Secretary has recently stated that no cancer patient should be denied a choice of treatment.