Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding – what you should know

Breastfeeding is natural and has benefits for both mums and babies. It should be easy and trouble-free, and a good start helps to ensure that is a happy experience.  Here are some tips to help both you and baby get the most from breastfeeding.

To establish breastfeeding, the early days are crucial and when it comes to technique, you may need guidance from a midwife or breastfeeding counsellor. Also, there is a lot of information available from reliable sources like Bounty, the UK’s favourite parenting club.

In this close-up video clip, we offer guidance with latching-on and positioning tips for both you and baby as well as highlight the signs that help you know that all is going well to make that special time a happy one for you both.

To watch our guide to breastfeeding, click here.