Britain is seriously obese

Statistics in Britain with regard to being overweight and the issues with obesity have been quite alarming. Over 46% of the men and 32% of the women are overweight. Generally speaking being overweight is a person who has a body mass index of between 25-30 kg/m2 and those falling into the obese category have their body mass index over 30kg/m2.

Numbers reveal that being overweight and the problem with obesity increases with age. In the UK, for instance, 4% of men 16-24 years of age were considered overweight but that soared to 78% for men between 55 and 64 and an alarming 67% of the women being considered overweight.

These numbers are increasing on a daily basis and it is clear to see that. Since the 1980s the overall number of people considered obese has doubled. That is an excellent indicator something must be done to overcome the quickly escalating problem.

The rates in UK for childhood obesity are also increasing as today about 13% of all the children who are 8 years old in the UK are obese and a shocking 17% of those between 15 and 17 are obese.

This marks a trend and it will only mean the numbers will increase for obesity. The fact this phenomena is even existent is alarming enough but it means there has to be drastic changes in lifestyle and they have to be done immediately to prevent the rest of the population from suffering the same outcome and making obesity a major health issue in the UK.

Obesity at an early ages leads to a high risk of obesity as an adult. Statistics reveal that women and men who are employed in manual occupations have more of tendency of becoming overweight than those working in the professional field.

For those that work in unskilled manual operations obesity is common. Nearly 25% of women working in unskilled labour jobs are obese compared to only about 15% of women that work in professional operations.

It is very important the program you use for weight loss uses the gradual and slow approach to losing weight. It is not healthy to go for the real quick loss that only returns in a matter of weeks. Select a diet that chooses the right foods to eat and develops good healthy eating habits plus includes within the program a form of exercise that can be incorporated into your daily schedule.