Britain looks set for plain cigarette packets

According to reports, research has shown that putting cigarettes and other tobacco products into plain packaging makes them less attractive to the young.  ASH has been campaigning for this move for years, and their argument is strengthened by the results of their recent polls. These indicate that 80& of people who took the poll supported plain packaging, and anything that made smoking seem less glamorous to the young had their support. Whether plain packaging will actually deter youngsters from buying cigarettes remain to be seen, but the chief executive of ASH, Debbie Arnott, certainly seems to think so.

She said that although ASH had been disappointed by the delay in proceeding, they were extremely pleased that the Governement was refusing to ‘cave in’ to the tobacco industry who were lobbying to keep tobacco displayed and packaged as it now. This plan of action was actually part of a strategy that the last government put into place. She added that the Governement were finally getting across to health and wellbeing councils that tackling smoking was top priority, and they were standing firm.

If, and when, these planned proposals go ahead, Britain will be the first country in Europe to sell tobacco products in plain packaging. It remains to be seen whether or not it will have the desired effect, and discourage youngsters from starting to smoke. Although it has widespread public support, we shall eventually find out whether it affects the ones it is specifically targeted at.