Brits are ageing quicker than ever

It is a fact that we are living longer than ever before, it is also a fact, however, that we are also less healthy. This is a paradoxical conclusion which has been reached by a team of researchers who have discovered that successive generations are building up a series of medical problems are that worse than those that their ancestors had to face.

In recent decades, life expectancy has dramatically grown due to improvements in nutrition, medical care and housing. This is the good news, the bad news is that 40 year old’s in 2013 are also experiencing such problems as high blood pressure, diabetes and excess weight which, a few decades ago, were rarely seen in anyone who wasn’t in their mid 50’s or older.

This effectively means that the younger generations are around 15 years ahead of the older generation as far as ageing is concerned and they are already on the path towards disability, ill health and increasing frailty. Looking further ahead, this effect could well end up slowing down the increase in life expectancy or even reverse it, according to experts.

Doctors have been warning us for over a decade that our existing lifestyles are killing us softly, with excesses of fat, sugar, salt and sloth causing the major problems. Currently, two thirds of the UK population are obese or overweight, and if the present trend continues this could reach 90% by the year 2050.