Campaign aims for less sugar in drink and food

Health experts have formed a group to campaign to reduce the amount of sugar that is placed in soft drinks and food in an effort to help slow the UK’s diabetes and obesity problems. The campaign group is called Action on Sugar and is aimed at helping educate the public so that they do not buy products that are simply loaded with sugar. They also hope to persuade manufactures to slowly start to reduce the amount of sugar that they place into products at the same time.

According to the group, children are the most likely to be targeted by marketers of sugary soft drinks and calorie thick snacks. In order to help measure their goals Action on Sugar plans to set food industry targets to reduce the amount of sugar in their products little by little. This is so that consumers do not realize that the taste is changing while the sugar is being taken out.

Action on Sugar believes that the food industry could easily reduce the amount of sugar that goes into products by 30% to 30% and this would help reduce the amount of calories taken in by consumers by as much as 100kcal per day. The figure would be even higher for those that are already prone to obesity.

The campaign group also believes that the reduction of sugar in products could help halt or reverse the obesity growth rate while also helping to the amount of people that suffer from chronic disease. In addition, the group believes that the programme is very practical because if followed it would work and it would not have a high cost attached to it at all. Among the chief offenders for high sugar intake the group listed sports drinks, ready meals, yoghurts, flavored water, and bread.