Car parking will still be charged at hospitals

When you go to hospital, you are still going to pay parking fees.  Some have described these parking charges as taxing illness and the Labour Party had promised to get rid of them.  Word has now come from health minister Simon Burns that the coalition government will not honour the promise.

It seems that there is just too much money at stake as a total of 100 million pounds is at risk of forfeit.  So, the government says that sick people will just have to continue to pay to park, while the patients and their visitors say that it is unfair.

Patients and their families argue that spending this money while receiving life-sustaining treatment is stressful for patients and afflicts them with unnecessary strain as they struggle with other obligations.

Meanwhile, the government argues that not only would the NHS lose the 100 million pounds from removing the charges, but there would also need to be an additional 100 million spent on attending to the parking overhaul.  This would be a total loss of 200 million pounds that couldn’t be used on healthcare because it was being used to address parking issues instead.

Where the additional 100 million pounds comes into play is unclear.