Carrying out a healthy lifestyle

Being healthy is important to maintain, not only physical, but mental health too. A healthy lifestyle ensures a long, fulfilled life and all you need to do is follow these 5 simple rules.

1. Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. However, this should suit your lifestyle; if you don’t enjoy running, why run marathons? If yoga doesn’t appeal to you, why stretch yourself into crazy positions. Choose exercise that you enjoy, otherwise it’s totally pointless. Use walking your dog for an hour everyday or use a zumba class as your weekly social with your friends. There are fun ways to keep fit, promise.

2. Eat healthily. Make sure you eat a balanced diet; this includes making sure you get your vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, essential fats and protein. Find new and interesting ways to get your 5-a-day into your daily meals, try adding blueberry’s to your cereal and lots of vegetables into your stir fry.

3. Do things that make you smile. Make sure you do something each day that you ˜want™ to do. Whether that be have half an hour to yourself to read a book or dance to your music with it turned up loud. It’s important for mental health to stay positive and to not let the everyday grind get you down.

4. Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes. Of course, this sounds harsher than it seems, but with cigarettes there are absolutely no benefits. They are linked lung cancer and a number of other health problems, not to mention making you smell, tainting your teeth and using up cash that could be spent on nicer things. With alcohol, make sure you drink in moderation. However, if meeting your friends for an after work drink makes you smile, then do it, just not every day.

5. Monitor your health. Make sure you know your body’s norms, so that if anything is slightly odd or strange you notice straight away. Even if it’s something as small as noticing your nails are weak or your skin’s dry. There are supplements and methods to fix these small body problems which you are able to obtain from