Children’s Social Work Matters video and website launched

A new website, backed up by a hard hitting campaign, has been launched by 14 councils across the Yorkshire and Humber reasons in a unique bid to champion the roles that are played by children’s social workers, and to highlight the difficult but rewarding job that they do.

Children’s social workers across the country are currently have to deal with a record breaking number of cases, and in the Yorkshire and Humber region alone, they were called on to help and support over 74.000 children in 2010. The council has joined forces with another 14 to ensure that the standard of care that vulnerable children so badly need will continue to improve.

A video has been produced to promote the new website, and while there are no images in the video, the words projected on the screen, highlighting the kind of problems that children’s social workers deal with on a daily basis, are nevertheless heart wrenching.

We read about children left alone while their parents go abroad on holiday, a young an vulnerable girl who end up pregnant at 12, physical and mental abuse, neglect, it makes difficult reading but this is the reality of life when you are a children’s social worker, one of the hardest jobs in the world.

The campaign is operating under the banner of ‘Children’s Social Work Matters’ and is also a recruitment drive to attract more children’s social workers to the region, which is the largest region in the UK, and also to change the many misconception that exist about this vital service.

On the website you will be able to see real life stories told on video by some of the children’s social workers in the region, and they also explain how they manage to deal with both the complexities and the challenges that such a job entails. You will also get to meet the team of social work champions who will be dealing with online questions about the role they play and just what it takes to be a successful children’s social worker.