Choosing products that will help you slim down

Your diet and the amount of exercise you do are the two most important factors that affect your weight. Food supplements and slimming products may help you lose weight but the serious pounds will only drop if you take serious care of your diet and you begin to take regular exercise.

Watching your diet doesn’t equate not eating, calorie counting or overloading on reduced fat products in order to allow for occasional indulgences such as Pringles and biscuits, it needs perpetual self-check and balance. However, as it is very likely that you’ll be tempted to buy sliming products, below we provide some basic advice that will help you choose better.

Before you acquire them

Consult your doctor. It is very likely that they will advise you to avoid them, but if you explain that you are determined to use one behind their back, they may recommend some or at least tell you what to avoid. Your doctor can check and understand the ingredients of each slimming product on the internet and advise you as to whether they are particularly suitable for you. You may for instance suffer from hypertension, headaches, low blood pressure, stomach upsets and so on and certain ingredients may be harmful.

Choosing the shop

It is advisable to choose a store that you trust and where you can openly discuss with the staff.

The Label

The product you acquire should contain the following information. If it doesn’t it may be illegal:

Name and description of the product, e.g. pill, liquid etc
Weight of the product
Ingredients and amount % per serving
Any ingredients that may cause allergies
Sell by date
Recommended usage (RDA)


Once you’ve acquired it, keep it out of the reach of children and preferably in a dark and dry place. If you begin to have any side effects such as high fever, trembling, dizziness, instability, nervousness, itching, diarrhoea, consult your doctor immediately and never be afraid to admit that you are using slimming products. Your life is more important than your doctor’s opinion of you.