Colgate ProClinical A1500

Comparing an egg to a tooth may seem an unlikely comparison, but when you think about it they both have a tough outer shell and are soft on the inside. This is why Colgate have chosen an egg to star in the new video to advertise their unique and revolutionary electronic tooth brush the ProClinical A1500. This, simply, is unlike any other tooth cleaning device on the market, and the fact it comes from Colgate makes it even better.

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The humble egg sits in its cup; the top is removed to reveal the white inside. The valid point being made here is that different surfaces, ie hard and soft, need to be cleaned in different ways. The ProClinical A1500 comes with sensors which put the brush into auto-pilot, thus adjusting automatically in both speed and action as you move the brush around your mouth.

When the A1500 is on the surface of the teeth it adopts a slower sideways cleaning action, for the molars it speeds up and changes to an up and down motion, and when it comes to the gum line a mid speed deep massage is the order of the day. Never before have you been able to clean your teeth in the comfort of your home to the standard you would get at your dentist, and it’s thanks to Colgate that you now can.

We can finally say goodbye to those annoying times when, after spending a considerable length of time in the bathroom, you run your tongue around your mouth and find a rough patch where you have missed. Every tiny crack and crevice is cleaned in whichever mode the A1500 adopts at the time, and you can relax in the knowledge that you have, in only a few minutes, given your teeth the best clean possible, and won’t be able to stop smiling.