Comparing daily and monthly contact lenses

Some people with impaired eyesight avoid wearing contact lenses because they don’t want the hassle of looking after them. It is true that some types of contact lenses require quite a lot of attention to make sure that you get the most out of them “ long duration lenses such as monthlies and fortnightlies have to be put away in a sealed container when not in use to make sure that they don’t dry out and can continue to be worn for the entire time period advertised. This can be problematic, especially if you happen to lose one of the lenses and therefore break sync with the intended schedule, breaking into a new pair before you originally planned. It can also mean you’re spending more money than is necessary, which is the last thing anyone wants in today’s economic climate. If you are wanting to compare the cost visit as they have multiple types of lenses.
Daily lenses, however, are entirely disposable and considered cost effective for those who only wear lenses on an occasional basis. Daily lenses can be thrown away after one use so there is no need to worry about where you keep them overnight “ simply take them out and put them in the bin. This also means that losing one lens or accidentally tearing it is no big deal, and you are losing a smaller amount of money rather than the larger sum you would have spent on long duration lenses. Many people also find daily lenses easier to use as they are thinner and easier to manoeuvre in and out of the eye. This thinner width also means that daily lenses will cause less damage if accidentally left in overnight, or if they break in your eye “ whilst thicker lenses could scratch the surface of your eye and cause serious damage, daily lenses will cause slight discomfort and are easy to remove.
Although these benefits of daily lenses all put them in a favourable light, be sure to fully research the other types of lenses before making your choice. Each type of lens has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you want to choose a type that is perfectly suited to you.