Controversy over PIP breast implants rumbles on

PIP implants caused a significant scandal among women last year as it was revealed the many defective implants were used in cosmetic procedures in the UK. The problem is recently been reviewed and it has been found that the regulator for cosmetic surgeons in the UK did act appropriately, however it is also highlighted that important lessons must be learned in order to ensure people’s safety in the future.

The health minister, Lord Howe has been looking into the actions of the Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency as well as the Department of Health. At the end of his review he found that these bodies did act appropriately as the information about the implants and that effectiveness started to come to light.

He also stated however that the bodies should improve their communication with patients, as well as the public in future cases. He said that he wants to see information about problems made more accessible to those who might have been affected.

He commented, “This report is going to be something that is not going to bring much relief to those women who had the defective implants, however, it should give everyone peace of mind that this is something that is not going to be able to happen again. This incident has made the regulatory system in the UK stronger and more effective.”