Deaths during pregnancy show disturbing rise

Despite modern technology and the greatly improved healthcare, there has been a worrying rise in the number of women who are dying during pregnancy or just after childbirth. This unprecedented and unwelcome phenomenon had led leading doctors to get together and try to address this.

Catherine Nelson-Piercy, the prof. of Obstetrics at Kings College and her colleagues have called for an increase in the numbers of obstetric physicians and also for GP’s to be better trained in Obstetrics. Their article calling for these changes appears in the British Medical Journal. The doctors say that a big increase in ‘high risk pregnancies’, including those of obese and older women, raises the potential for a greater number of health problems.

They do insist, however, that most of these tragic deaths are caused by conditions that are both preventable and treatable, and they warned doctors that they must be vigilant. The doctors conclude that most deaths are associated poor healthcare and 1/3 of cases have had substandard care.

Ultimately, serious problems are failing to be recognized at the regular check-ups all pregnant women have. Research has indicated that heart disease is the biggest cause of maternal deaths, followed by neurological diseases.