Denmark study suggests that vitamin supplements can lower blood pressure

A recent study that has been conducted in Denmark has shown that vitamin supplements could be as effective at reducing high blood pressure as some medicines currently being prescribed by doctors. The vitamin that study suggests could lower blood pressure is vitamin D. The study has shown that over 100 patients in the study had significant decreases in their high blood pressure when they were taking the vitamin.

The study is going to be presented to a conference about hypertension that is being held in London. High blood pressure is a serious condition that affects over 15 million people in the UK. It leads to over 60,000 deaths every year, mostly through heart attacks and strokes, related to the condition.

Vitamin D is a vitamin that is primarily created by the skin when it is exposed to sunshine. It is also something that can be consumed through food, but this is a minority contribution. However, for the most part in the UK, people are only generating much vitamin D in the summer months.

The study found that around 90 percent of participants had low levels of the vitamin when the study began and it was shown that when they started taking the supplement their systolic blood pressure reduced. Another group of patients, who were given a placebo drug instead of vitamin D, showed no improvement after the study.

Dr Thomas Larsen was the lead scientist on the study and he commented, “The study shows that many Europeans do have a deficiency of vitamin D, and it is possible that this is related to high blood pressure. We have found that by giving these patients supplements of vitamin D, especially during the winter, this can help treat their blood pressure conditions. Before we can reach a conclusion however, more studies do need to be conducted.”