Dental Cash Plans Explained

Our teeth are for life, so it’s paramount that we do everything we can to keep them in a healthy condition. As you will probably know, the state of your teeth affects your overall health.  But with dental treatment being more expensive than ever, the cost of keeping your teeth healthy can soon mount up. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect your well being.

Luckily there are health plans out there that will cover the cost of dental treatment such as fillings, dental implants, root canal treatment and much more. In this article I will explain why having a dental plan in place is so important these days.
What is a dental health cash plan?
Dental health cash plans are an excellent way to look after your teeth, without spending a fortune doing so. With the majority of dental health cash plans you are able to claim cash back to pay for emergency and routine healthcare. Most of these dental cover plans will cover both private dental treatments and NHS dental treatments.
How much money is paid out?
When you make a claim, you will either be reimbursed all of your costs or a percentage of them. The majority of providers usually have a varying range of tariffs. Essentially, the more you pay, the more you can claim back. For reassurance, all healthcare cash plans are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, this means that 90% of what you place into a scheme is protected.
How is a cash plan different from normal dental cover?
The two are very different. Private dental cover provides you with an alternative to NHS treatments, so that in the event that you’re ill or have problem, the costs of check-ups and treatments are covered.  Cash plans are different in that they allow you to recoup some of the money of the private dental treatment or NHS treatment you need.
Who are dental health cash plans suitable for?
These plans are suitable for everyone, regardless of age. They are also suitable for both private and NHS patients.  The great thing about dental cash plans is that you can make the most of them, no matter what the financial climate. Individuals are able to cover their partners and children under one cash plan, but it’ll cost more. With the majority of plans, your partner gets their own allowance, meaning that you don’t have to share yours. With some providers, children can also get their own allowance, although this isn’t as generous as it seems with the majority of children’s dental treatments being free under the NHS.
Corporate dental plans
As well as personal dental plans, there are also a number of dental cover plans for corporate businesses. Providing dental cover is an excellent way to show employees how much they are valued, this is why so many businesses are now opting for it. With most Dental cover plans, employees are able to choose any dentist they like, get treatment anywhere in the world and get expert dental care and guidance as and when they need it.
How the employer benefits:

Reduces the amount of time that employees are absent for dental visits
It can be utilized as part of a rewards scheme
Requires very little HR administration
Its cost effective

How the employee benefits:

A choice of numerous dental clinics
Cover for both emergency dental treatment and routine check ups
A valued benefit that they can genuinely use and benefit from
The reassurance that their employer cares about them and is committed to investing in their health and wellbeing.

This article was contributed by GHCF