Dentist provides possible migraine and headache cure

While traditional medicine is commonly used to treat migraines, alternative treatments are becoming more popular, and two experts on the subject believe their new solution could be the ultimate way to prevent the headaches.

Dr Biju Krishnan, a dentist, and Kirsten Lord, a physiotherapist, have opened clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh that treat migraines with physiotherapy, relaxing the muscles that can trigger the nerve that causes the painful headaches. The clinics also offer dental work to help treat the jaw pain and the headaches that come with migraines.

Almost one seventh of Scotland’s population suffers from migraines on a regular basis. The condition can be caused by anxiety, teeth grinding, and stress. The solution that they are offering reportedly fully relaxes the head and the muscles, and provides those who suffer from migraines with a splint that can reduce teeth grinding.

According to Kirsten Lord, many people who suffer from migraines falsely think that “their only option is to take medication”. Lord says that medication is less than ideal as the drugs can have harmful side effects and they can be incompatible with pregnancy or other medications.

According to Dr Krishnan, dental work can lower the rates of migraine attacks by over 75 percent, and the splint that the clinics use “decreases stress in the jaw”, preventing migraines along with tooth damage or possibly even snoring. Their physiotherapy treatments have also been reportedly quite successful, giving relief to those who previously suffered from migraine attacks regularly.