DermaTherapy Bedding can help most atopic dematitis sufferers

A recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Pediatric Dermatology demonstrated that 89 percent of atopic dermatitis sufferers experienced reduced severity and associated itching from this common form of eczema when sleeping on new DermaTherapy bedding.

That’s good news for the UK’s 1 in 5 children (aged 2-15yrs) and 1 in 12 adults who suffer from this irritating skin condition. Available from UK distributor, DermaTherapy is the first specialist bed linen to receive clearance from the American Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class I Medical Device for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

During the eight week trial, patients slept on DermaTherapy bedding instead of their usual cotton bedding. The only medication used by the patients was an emollient applied as needed during the day and evening. Both the doctors conducting the trial and the patients recorded changes in the severity of the eczema and overall quality of life. Using EASI scores (Eczema Area and Severity Index) the doctors found that DermaTherapy users experienced a significant reduction in the severity of eczema and the associated itching during the course of the trial The patients also recorded significant reduction in itch and irritation plus an improvement in sleep , leading to an improved quality of life.

Dr Rupert Mason, GP and dermatology clinician at the Bedford District General Hospital says: “Symptoms of atopic dermatitis can range from just one small patch of dry itchy skin to widespread involvement with acutely infected weeping and cracked areas. For chronic sufferers this can lead to low self-esteem, behavioural problems in the young and a generally impaired quality of life.  The treatment invariably requires a range of therapeutic modalities that may include the liberal use of emollients, minimizing contact with irritants, taking antihistamines to reduce itch, using corticosteroid creams to reduce inflammation and antibiotics to counteract infection.”

“Sleep can often prove difficult and eczema can worsen overnight particularly if the skin becomes too warm and moist, or is irritated by fibres in the night clothes and bedding that are in contact with the skin over the prolonged time spent in bed. The subject of appropriate bed linen for eczema sufferers is one that has been neglected in the past. We just used to presume that cotton was best. So a seriously researched therapeutic innovation such as DermaTherapy supported by evidence of efficacy is particularly welcome. ”

How does DermaTherapy Work?

DermaTherapy is made from uniquely structured, long filament fibres that dissipate heat and moisture away from the skin, resulting in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface that minimizes friction to the skin.

The linen also has a durable antimicrobial permanently bonded into the fabric to eliminate odours and maintain fabric freshness. In addition, when washed in a normal wash cycle a soil release finish helps remove oils, creams, blood and other stains from the bedding making it especially suitable for those people undergoing medication for dermatological conditions.

Considerably smoother , lighter and thinner than cotton, these special sheets are as soft as the highest percentile Egyptian cotton sheets and feel equally luxurious to touch. Dermatherapy also has an average pore size of just 8.5 microns to help protect against dust mites faeces which is known to be an aggravating factor of eczema. In contrast to cotton, the antimicrobial shield bonded into DermaTherapy protects the fabric from the proliferation of micro-organisms that could adversely affect skin integrity.

DermaTherapy can withstand washing temperatures of up to 90oC but can be laundered just as efficiently at 30oC, helping you to do your bit for the environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

DermaTherapy bedding is available in a wide range of sizes priced from £28.95 for a pair of pillow cases to fitted and flat sheets costing from: single £49.95, double £64.95, king £69.95 and cot £39.95. Buy from or call 0844 567 9374.