Diabetes UK announce partnership with Timesulin

Diabetes UK, the leading diabetes charity in Europe with over 300,000 supporters, has announced a retail partnership with Timesulin, one of the newest products to help in managing insulin dependent diabetes. Timesulin is a replacement cap that fits all major brands of insulin pens, and also has a timer incorporated to show users how long it has been since they had their last injection, helping to avoid both missed and accidental double doses.

Diabetes UK will become the first diabetes association in Europe to sell Timesulin directly through their online store. Shirley Quinn from Diabetes UK said that they were very excited to work with Timesulin, and it was a fantastic opportunity for the charity to spearhead this innovative product. She added that the fact it reduces the stress of trying to remember when you took your last insulin injections will be a great help to patients and give them something less to worry about.

And many of the UK’s leading diabetes healthcare workers agree. Diabetes Specialist Nurse Helena Farrell says of her experience using Timesulin with her patients at the Diabetes Insights Clinic in Ireland, “Throughout my sixteen years in nursing practice, adherence to medications has been a consistent problem – and one which many health care professionals underestimate. This is no more so in diabetes, where I would receive panicked phone calls from clients who had forgotten whether or not they had already taken their insulin injections, asking me what to do.”

Farrell continues, “That is why I welcome Timesulin to the market, an innovative, easy to use product that has been both needed and anticipated by both individuals with diabetes and health care professionals for some time.”

The solution originated from the creator’s own familiarity with the problem. As someone who has had Type 1 diabetes for over 26 years, co-founder and CEO John Sjölund knows the effects of a double insulin dose all too well, “An accidental double dose causes blood sugar levels to plummet, brings on sweats and can cause severe long and short term health complications.

Most importantly, I hate that feeling of not being sure whether I took my shot, which causes daily anxiety. People with diabetes need a simple way of knowing if they took their insulin, and when. Timesulin does exactly that.”

Timesulin carries the CE mark, works with all major insulin pens, requires no change in habit and works straight out of the package without any programming required. Timesulin is available through the Diabetes UK website at www.diabetes.org.uk/timesulin. For additional information, please visit  www.timesulin.com