Direct injections may help with nerve damage

A recent study has suggested that the injection of arthritis drugs or steroids directly into the spine might be a much more effective way of treating back pain and leg pain in people that are suffering because they have nerve damage.

This was something that was not previously done so much because there were risks of complications and doctors feared the drug interactions would be a problem. However this study has found that most of the safety concerns are unnecessary.

The researchers found that injecting traditional anti-arthritis drugs directly into the spine did a better job of easing the pain that these patients felt. This pain is notoriously hard to treat and this new method of treatment could bring pain relief to a large number of people suffering from the condition. The study also found that giving patients injections on an as needed basis, rather than at set intervals, could be a more effective way of treating them.

A researcher on the study was Dr Stephen Cohen who is based at John Hopkins University in the United States. He has commented, “Chronic back pain is a type of condition that is known to be very difficult to treat. Unfortunately there is no treatment that is known to work in all patients and so the study is a great step forward in finding a more effective way of bringing relief to the huge number of people who suffer from this condition around the world.”

Most of these pain conditions are caused because people have nerve damage in the legs or back. If medication doesn’t work, surgery is often another option that this is a much more extreme measure. It is also the case that once the surgery has been completed, the back pain relief is only temporary, and years later the pain may return, and will eventually return to the same level it was at before, or worse.

Dr Cohan continued, “People are looking for a method of treatment it is more effective than the current drug options and less risky than surgery. Unfortunately the treatment options right now are not good enough but this new method could be something that could bring hope to a great many people.”

Despite the promising idea of combining these two drugs together, which the study proved was safe, the actual effectiveness of the treatment is not so great. Many patients found that the treatment was not actually more effective in their individual cases