Doctors to get 5 year practitioner health check-up

In order to prevent disasters such as the death of David Gray from an overdose of meds given by a doctor, the General Medical Council (GMC) has proposed that doctors be subject to a five year check-up so that regulators can find poor performers before major medical problems occur.

Chief executive of the GMC, Niall Dickson, stated at the launch of a consultation document that European doctors currently can practice in the UK without a language or skills test, which is something that the GMC would like to see changed.

Dickson continued to say that the GMC understands that this poses a great problem to the healthcare system since they are not able to look into the competency of the doctors and are working hard with European and UK governments to change the current stipulations.

Although the proposals for checkups on a physician’s license would not have saved David Gray, they would provide useful information and be a step forward for the healthcare system in the UK.

Dickson stated that revalidation would not only help plug the gap, but also help the organization know more about the EU doctors in the UK who are thought to number around 20,000.

The new proposal was released today for consultation to all medical directors and chief executives of each primary care trust that is found within England.  Contained in the writing is a warning that at the moment only ‘limited assurance’ is available in regards to a doctor’s proficiency.