Dr Nick Lowe’s new book helping with acne, spots and blemishes

Dr Nick Lowe’s revolutionary new book helps reader banish their acne, spots and blemishes.

80% of the population have suffered from acne at some stage of their lives. Acne can be a frustrating, embarrassing, disfiguring and often painful condition. But today, thanks to extensive research, it doesn’t have to as leading dermatology experts Dr Nick Lowe and Dr Philippa Lowe prove in their new book Perfect Guide to Perfectly Clear Skin. “We wanted to write a concise, reliable and accurate guide that deals with all aspects of the condition,” explains Dr Nick Lowe. “Acne can be alleviated with diet and lifestyle changes, as well as knowing which beauty products to avoid, all of which we discuss in the book.”

As one of the most common and widespread conditions it affects children, teenagers and adults alike. It can be seen as a trivial condition and, because of this, sufferers often don’t get the care and treatment they need. Any condition that affects the physical appearance has far-reaching, debilitating consequences, including low self-esteem, isolation and helplessness.

Perfect Guide for Perfectly Clear Skin explains the facts and debunks many of the commonly held theories about acne and affirms that, with careful treatment, it need not be a lifelong affliction. Whether a sufferer of acne, or a relative or friend of someone who is, this book provides a wealth of information to improve the condition.

Copies of Dr Lowe’s revolutionary new book, Perfectly Clear, are available upon request from Matador.