Dressing up your peepers

As well as make up, such as eccentric eyeliner, hot hued eye shadows and lashings of mascara, there is another way to really make your eyes pop!

This method comes in the shape of coloured lenses and patterned contact lenses. Whether you want a subtle change or a vivid look, there is a coloured lens to suit all personalities and characters!

Choose from vibrant blue, green and aqua for a real hit of colour or a simple tone such as a natural coloured lens, with detail around the centre, in order to create an elegant twist on your peepers. This is great for a casual daytime event or a low key evening out!

However, if you really want a lens that will dramatically change your whole look you should invest in lenses that offer a comfortable fit yet an over the top design. These come in the shape of a pattern or a print that will really add oomph to your outfit!

Coloured and patterned lenses are a great idea for an evening out, a party or simply for those that fancy playing around with their look. Most of the lenses offer up to a month of wear and therefore must be cared for correctly. Cleansing and rinsing is a must, you should also really work to get the daily elements and deposit build up off the lenses. This will keep the fashion lenses in a good condition, making them appear just as vivid on the last day of wear as they were on the first day!

Most will suit any colour, choosing a shade just depends on what type of look you are wishing to achieve. This could either be really subtle or over the top and dramatic in style.

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