Drug expert claims that banning certain drugs is hindering scientific progress

An expert on drugs in Britain has stated that banning drugs such as LSD, magic mushrooms and ecstasy has significantly delayed the progress of science in the UK. The scientist, David Nutt, has stated that the ban of these substances has affected the development of science as much as the ban on stem cell research that was introduced by George W Bush.

David Nutt is a professor at Imperial College London and he has previously worked as an adviser to the British government on drugs. He has stated that the prohibition of psychedelic drugs has had a severe impact on the development of science.

Prof Nutt has stated, “Banning these drugs because they might be harmful has meant that people have lost sight of the potential benefits that they have to science. It is important that these drugs are available to us if we want to seek out new treatment opportunities. Every drug has a use for science and the blanket ban on them makes it difficult for some areas of science to go forward.”

A recent study by Prof Nutt used the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms and showed that instead of stimulating the brain, using this substance actually suppressed some of its abilities. This is contrary to what most scientists expected and suggests that the drug could be used for treating several debilitating conditions.

Nutt has said that it is this sort of experimentation and potential treatments that are not being found because the government is just placing a simple blanket ban on all of these sorts of drugs. He commented, “I think it is very important that these drugs are made accessible to scientists so that they can continue working on them. Right now there is almost no development in this area of science, which is a great shame.”