E.coli outbreak in Ireland linked to Belfast restaurant

A Belfast restaurant has recently been linked to an outbreak of E.coli, and the health authorities in Northern Ireland have described this as a major crisis for the country. The Public Health Agency or PHA, the organisation responsible for health in Northern Ireland, the stated that there have been 25 confirmed cases of E.coli, as well as 154 suspected cases of food poisoning. This was after an investigation into the Flicks restaurant which is located at the Cityside Mall.

Since the outbreak began, six people have been hospitalised, but they have all made a full recovery and have been discharged from hospital. Dr Michael Devine is from the health agency and he has recently commented that this was one of the worst E.coli outbreaks that has ever been seen in Northern Ireland.

Dr Devine is a consultant in health protection from the PHA and he commented, “It is not surprising that more cases are being seen after the first cases because E.coli generally has a longer incubation period which can last up to 7 days. It is not surprising that people are still showing symptoms of the condition, and submitting samples for testing.”

Dr Devine highlighted that this is the worst case by some degree as in the past there have only been outbreaks of around a maximum of 20 people, and it is highly likely that this outbreak is going to be significantly worse, considering the number of people who are suspected to have the condition.

People who are suspected of having food poisoning are encouraged to visit their GP as soon as possible to make sure that they receive the appropriate treatments. People should make themselves aware of the symptoms of the condition, and if they feel sick, make an appointment with their physician as soon as possible.