Educating Baby

Your baby’s mind is very precious and is constantly developing during the early stages of their life. This is especially the case during the first few months of their life and their brain is similar to that of a sponge in the sense that they are continuously absorbing everything around them. While their brain expands, they are taking in new tastes, textures and sounds and learning about their scary, exciting new world.

So, the next time you see your little one pulling those adorable faces or looking at an object with wide eyes, know that they are just learning more about their new surroundings while they grow in to a healthy adult. When your child arbitrarily giggles or smiles at many different times of the day, understand that your child is just responding to their new alien world. However, did you know that as a mother you could help advance their brains further by supplying them with mental stimulation?

You can do this by supplying your little child with a baby mat. Soft baby play mats are great implements to help grow their brain. Play mats come in a host of different designs and colours, and help strengthen memory. In my home, my baby mat has different textures and sounds that my little one can interact with and feel.  My baby’s mat has small, cosy foam cushions which she loves to snuggle and play with.

I often hear her giggle as she touches the funny textured shapes on her mat. Her mat also has whacky shapes that beep and buzz and are essential for brain development and memory training, as she will remember which shapes have certain textures or make certain sounds.

Baby mats also protect against germs

Any parent will tell you how careful they are with their little ones when it comes to bacteria or germs coming in to contact with them. Because they are young their immune system is very weak as it has not had much interaction with germs. Baby mats are great at providing a protective barrier against any unwanted germs and household bugs that can be found on the floor or surfaces. Rest assured that with a baby mat your little one can rest in total comfort and protection from hard, germ filled surfaces.

Overall, your baby’s mind is very precious and is constantly expanding and developing during the first year of their lives. You can help make sure they get to learn as much as possible by providing them with the mental stimulation they crave as they take their first steps towards learning more about their new environment around them.

Article by Hillary who works for CutFoam