Exercise very beneficial for cancer sufferers

Research says that a regular exercise routine that is followed every week for two and a half hours can be beneficial to those recuperating from cancer. A study that was performed on behalf of the Macmillan Cancer Support says that participation of moderate physical activity may help in preventing the disease from returning and minimise the treatments’ side effects.

Experts say the best thing would be for doctors to prescribe moderate activity for 150 minutes per week for both cancer survivors and patients per the recommendation of the Department of Health. Previously, the idea was for the cancer patient to rest after treatment but this new research, which includes the review of 60 studies, shows exercise will help in recovery from the disease and prevent other illnesses that are long term.

If patients are physically active it helps them to overcome the weight and fatigue issues of cancer. It may also help reduce the side effects common with cancer treatments like swelling in the arms, depression, anxiety, impaired mobility and fatigue. In the long term, it will help to recover physical function, improve quality of life, manage fatigue and control weight.