Five Easy Ways to Stop the Signs of Aging

Provided by Tria Beauty

Aging is a natural process, but just because it happens in nature is no reason to let it have its way with you. In my opinion, a woman should use the tool at her disposal to stay looking healthy and young for as long as possible. But there’s no reason to find difficult measures to take either, taking a milk bath might be effective, but it’s hardly cost or time effective. Here are a few great easy ways to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

Exercise Regularly to Look Healthy

Did you know that exercise not only keeps you looking slim, it will keep you looking healthy as well? Regular exercise tones your muscles and helps your body to process and digest foods better, meaning that you get more nutrients from what you eat. Sedentary activities contribute to skin ageing and sagging, but watch out! Exercising too much can do the same! For the best results, try walking for an hour a day, doing yoga, swimming or other light to moderate activity. Try to find something you have fun doing, and then stick to it!

Sleeping Often is Important

You probably know that not enough sleep will cause dark circles under your eyes but did you know that over time it can damage your sinuses, give your face a puffy look and make your skin start to sag? If you’re like me, you want to avoid that at all costs! While it’s okay to miss a night or two of good sleep every now and again, you should aim for 8-9 hours a day as an average. A good night’s sleep can help you to look and feel younger, because you will have more energy, your face will be fresher and your eyes will be bright!

Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair can make you look older if you don’t take care of it, but that’s just one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to take care of your hair. As you grow older, your hair will thin as your body loses its natural keratin.  Try eating chicken, beans, carrots and lean meat to increase your keratin production. You can also consider washing your hair with a high fat shampoo (such as coconut oil) in order to moisturise it, and you can always purchase keratin supplements for your hair.

Take Steps to Remove Blemishes

If your face has blemishes, scars or acne, you can take steps to remove it. While not all of the methods for removing scarring are cheap, they will definitely work. Most women feel more self-confident and beautiful without facial blemishes, so if you have them, you should definitely consider a removal procedure. Laser therapy and laser rejuvenation are both used for covering blemishes and scars, and even removing acne scars. If you’re thinking about this type of procedure, you can either do it in a clinic, or purchase a laser tool to do it at home.

Use Creams and Lotions

It’s very important for every woman to use creams or lotions on her skin, especially as you get older. The older you are, the less your skin will naturally moisturise itself, meaning that it will dry out. As your skin dries out, it becomes less elastic, allowing fine lines and wrinkles to develop on your face. If you want to avoid these for as long as possible, you should apply a moisturiser or cream directly after leaving the shower. This will help to keep your face soft and looking young for as long as possible!