Free online health assessment from BUPA

How do you fancy a free health assessment done completely online? You can now do just that, thanks to Bupa International.

They have added a new section based on health to their website, and it is in this section you will find the assessments. There are more than 50 fact sheets available to view and a whole series of health themed pages including videos and articles giving full explanations into all kinds of medical issues.

The online health assessments have been designed to be user friendly and easily allow people to find the answers quickly to any health related questions.

These new  health assessments will firstly ask a series of questions to determine the risk factors of their lifestyle. Once the assessment is finished, the user will get a report based on the answers they have given and tips on how to improve their lifestyle, if need be. It takes less that 10 minutes to complete the assessment, and could end up saving your life.
The health assessments on the site include maternity, diet, stress, fitness, heart disease risk and breast cancer risk.

First time users are asked to register so that Bupa can get some very basic personal information, which is important for the quality of the assessments. This also means that returning users won’t have to enter the same information again the next time they visit. First time users will have to register an email address and a chosen password, which is a different login from the one currently used by Bupa International Members for Membersworld.

On the main ‘Health Information’ page users can find links to Bupa’s A-Z list of factsheets and the health theme pages. All the content has been written by Bupa’s medical team and reviewed by doctors or clinical professionals.