Getting back to Normal after Cancer Treatment

Cancer. The world has a funny way of crumbling when you hear it. Whether it is you, a family member, a friend or someone you just know from the office, hearing the word only brings negative connotations.

Many people believe when they hear the “all clear” life will go back to normal, however it can take many years to mentally recover from the disease and treatment. For some, it is hard to appreciate that they are finally better, others struggle to believe they won’t get sick again, however the experience is different for everyone so there is no “correct” way to recover from the experience.

However, whilst no one can tell you how long it will be, or if you will ever feel like you again, there are many tips and tricks that you can try to help you feel a bit more like yourself both during and after your cancer treatment.

A New Wardrobe

It is very likely that your body will change throughout your cancer treatment. Some people find these lose a lot of weight as they try to combat the disease, whilst others put on weight due to side effects from their form of treatment.

Instead of waiting for your body to get back to normal, embrace your new shape. Head down to a charity shop, browse the swap and sell pages on Facebook and hit the high street clothing stores to invest in a couple of items to make you feel good whilst your body gets back to normal.

A Spa Day

It isn’t until we spend a day in the spa that we realise just how beneficial a few hours of me time can be. After months of doctors and nurses poking and prodding your body, it can be a pleasant change to have people fussing over your comfort for a few hours.

Many men and women experience unpleasant side effects from the various cancer treatments, from blistering to deep muscle pain. There are many ways a day at the spa can help you to relax and forget about the last few months, whilst at the same time some spas may be able to treat some of the effects from the treatments, such as bone and muscle pain.

A New Hair Cut

For many, the biggest thing that has changed once they are given the all clear, is the fact that they no longer have a full head of hair. Investing in a wig, even if it is only for a few months, can make all the difference in your recovery process – many cancer survivors have stated seeing their hair loss after the treatment was a constant reminder of what they had just been through, whilst the wearing of a wig can represent the future, and life after cancer treatment.

About the Author

Robyn Edwards currently works for Joseph’s Wigs, a UK based company who specialise in wigs, hair pieces and head wear for men and women struggling with hair loss and alopecia. Joseph’s Wigs offer a human, sensitive and expert approach to coping with your hair piece needs. Visit our site today to learn more about our wigs and hair pieces, or give us a call to speak to a specialist about your hair care needs.