Gloria Hunniford praises the work of the Health Lottery

TV presenter Gloria Hunniford has spoken out about the work that is carried out by those charities which the Health Lottery supports, describing it as ‘humbling’. Gloria said that the funds made available can really make the difference between a valuable service, that cares for sick, bereaved and vulnerable people, closing or staying open.

She made her comments when on a visit to the Cruse Bereavement Care centre in Ashford, Kent. She also praised the hours that the volunteers put in and said how important continuing financial support was. Gloria also said that it had been a very emotional visit as she knew that Cruse would have closed down by now if the Health Lottery hadn’t given them a grant.

She went onto say that she fully supported the Health Lottery as even though it was small, it was very affective at yielding result. She added that the Cruse centre was a prime example of just how vital the work of the Health Lottery was, and how it got into the hearts of communities and helps the people involved to do an outstanding job.

Gloria knows first hand the effects of bereavement as she lost her daughter, Caron Keating, to breast cancer in 2004. She said that such voluntary organisations as this, which exist right around Britain, provided a real lifeline to both terminally ill people and their families.

As an ambassador for the Health Lottery, Gloria spends a lot of her time visiting the various good causes that it supports and has regularly described their funding as invaluable. With the National Lottery putting up its prices to £2 a ticket, it is expected that even more people will move to the Health Lottery as the work they do supporting a crumbling health service is providing a lifeline for millions.