Gone fishing .. on the NHS

Fishing is being used in Scottish hospitals for mental health patients as a way of therapy. A group of nurses in Clyde and Greater Glasgow and Dykebar and Leverndale from two NHS mental health hospitals hit about the idea to help calm the patients down and are now taking them out fishing.

A nursing assistant said they are finding it extremely therapeutic and their thought is that angling will help a number of the patients as they would benefit from the experience. They want to improve their patient’s quality of life and include a change in their everyday routine. The managers gave immediate and brilliant feedback to establish a plan with the results surpassing all their hopes.

The patients love the trips and even the rain and wind has not put them off. They take out groups of between eight and 10 patients to teach them the basics of fishing with the aim to give them a new life skill while creating a challenge for them and a sense of achievement. The patients that go out are the ones from the long tern ward and for many the trips may be their only time to get out and about.